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Design Resources

One of the most complete reference sites for Web Design, especially html & css codes is W3 Schools

The top site for SEO and all general webmaster concerns is

The definitive reference site for all things (dot net) is

Information on PHP is available from

W3C offers an easy to use html validation service

Macromedia's Dreamweaver (now Adobe) is one of the most widely used Design Tools.

Compare your site to the rest of the world at Alexa

Calgary Web Design

Calgary is home to many top designers and some world class web development companies.

Web Design or Web Development can be as simple as an image and some contact text or it can be incredibly complex, spanning multiple technologies. Choosing the right web designer can be a difficult choice.  Our web design checklist is as comprehensive as we could make it and may not apply to every situation but is a good starting point for developing your own custom checklist for evaluating web designers.

Web design from a business point of view needs to have an end goal of telling the story of the organization. To accomplish this a great web design should include up front analysis, investigative conversations, scope of the project and branding goals.

In the world of web design, many design contracts are designer centric and do not favour the client. While we can't provide you the ideal contract, we can give you a sample contract guideline, and list additional resources for web design contracts.

Calgary Select is here to help you find the very best resources for  web design in Calgary.  If you know of any other Calgary Web Design resources we should be listing, please let us know.

Related to Web design / Development:
Ajax - cross platform web development technique which relies on JavaScript & XML
ASP - active server pages, scripting using primarly vbscript (Microsoft technology)
ASP.NET - (Microsoft)  web application framework succeeds ASP
CMS - Content Management System
ColdFusion - (Adobe) Application Server which provides support for ColdFusion Markup Language
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - used to control the presentation of the page being served.
Dot Net Nuke - Content Management System written in dot net (ASP.NET)
Flash - (Adobe was Macromedia) Animation / application development program
HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
JavaScript - Scripting language used for client- side web development ( registered trademark of Sun Microsystems)
Java Applets - program written in Java which can be included in a HTML page
Perl - programming language - web scripting based on PerlScript
PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor - a scripting language (lately has suffered from many exploits and vulnerabilities)
SEO - Search Engine Optimization - techniques designed to help sites rank higher in the search engines (ie Google)
Streaming Media - audio or video delivered across the Internet to your computer
Web 2 - describes the evolution of web usage ie social networking sites like Facebook or wikis (ie Wikipedia)
XML - Extensible Markup Language- like HTML but focuses on data being structured which makes it easy to use on various platforms

Calgary Web Design
Chinook Webs offers high quality web design and advanced coding for web applications. 

Take advantage of our expertise in CMS (content management systems) today! 

Chinook Webs has the experience and knowledge to build Wordpress sites and then host them securely.  

We also build & customize dotnetnuke sites.

Calgary Web Designers


For the best in Calgary web design call Chinook Webs / Atrema Technologies today (403) 457-6382

Other Designers

Kris Nielson Design

If you want a really sharp good looking website then Kris Nielson Design is a great choice.
Tel: 403-932-8944