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Web Design & Web Development Checklist


Web Design / Web Development Checklist

Below is our web design and web development checklist.  We have tried to make it as comprehensive as possilble, however since almost each web project is a unique thing, the best use will be to pick out pieces as needed. Please use this as a starting point and we hope that it  is useful to you.

Ethics & Legal      Please provide information on the following topics:
    Copyright -Trademarks - Intellectual Property Ownership:
If you do not create original graphics please indicate your source and rights to use.
How & where will content and graphics be obtained for the site?
    Ownership of contracted code and source files:
Does the contract pass ownership to the site owner?
Are there additional source files that would be required in order to edit the site, code or graphics? (eg source files for flash movies)
Are there 3rd party applications that are part of the site design? Indicate ownership of any such applications.
    Web Hosting:
If you are recommending switching hosts to your favourite, please provide technical reasons for the switch.
If you are recommending switching, will you be providing direct contact details to the new host & vice versa?
If you are recommending switching, will the contract be in the client's name?
    Legal Form:
Please indicate if you are a sole proprietorship, partnership or legally incorporated.
Please indicate your level of insurance. (errors & omissions, WCB etc)
Will you be providing a written contract outlining each parties roles and responsibilities etc?
Please outline your warranty policy in regards to code, graphics, all site design & hosting.
Outline your cancellation policies and partial delivery of completed work policy.
Provide details of your subcontract and assignment policies, in general and specifically to this particular site.
Please provide clear definitions of your change policy and billing for minor changes, major changes.
Provide minimum 3 references from past projects.
Include contact name, contact method, example of the work done, relationship to reference (family, friend, arms length client).
Creative      Please provide information on the following topics:
Do you have formal education in arts, graphic design, web design or programming?
Provide access to samples of original artwork, original programming code etc.
Include if possible final cost figures on sample sites.
Outline your experience in branding and methods employed.
Provide cost estimates for branding
    User Interface:
Provide details of your experience in designing human friendly UI's.
    Artistic Tools:
Describe the creative process in your company and how that is presented to the client.
Describe the software / hardware tools used during the creative process.
Technical    Please provide information on the following topics

Programming & Code:
Describe your company's programming & scripting tools. ( ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, etc)
Describe your company's proficiency with database technology (MySQL, MS SQL etc)
Do you maintain your proficiencies in house or contract them out?
Describe your html validation process.
Describe your methods of achieving cross browser compatibility.


Security & Ecommerce:
Describe the process by which your company keeps up to date on the latest security vulnerabilities.
How do ensure code generated by you is not vulnerable to SQL injection attacks etc?
What is your knowledge of server security?
Are you aware of how secure the intended host server is?
Do you have experience with shopping carts?
Do you have experience with payment gateways?
Are you familiar with the emerging new rules by Visa, Mastercard etc.
Has any project you have been involved in ever been "hacked".
Are you familiar with local government regulations, taxation etc?
Are you familiar with non-local ( out of state, out of province, out of country) rules and regulations as to content, taxation etc.
Are you bonded or willing to be bonded.
Do you have a criminal record?
If providing maintenance after completion of the project, describe methods for staying secure, updates etc.

Provide details of hosting server & network (speeds, feeds, security measures)
Provide details of redundancy and backup (server backup, BG4 routing, power backup etc)
    Review & Testing:
Describe your company's review and testing process?

SEO & Web Promotion    Please provide information on the following topics
    SEO Experience:
List examples of past projects and results achieved, include time frames & rough costs.
Do you practice ethical SEO (whitehat) or do you ascribe to results by any means (cloaking etc).
Provide a detailed description of how your design methods incorporate solid SEO techniques.
Provide a plan of SEO techniques that will be provided for this site.
    Web Promotion:
Describe your company's experience in promoting web sites.
Provide a detailed web promotion plan for this site, including methods, costs, time frames, and expected results.
If conducting a link campaign, please describe your methodology.
If using PPC (pay per click) do you provide ROI tracking and reporting?
If using PPC please estimate the budget required to achieve client expectations.
Other    Please provide information on the following topics
    Confidentiality & Privacy:
Outline your policy on confidentiality and privacy.
Do you insist on placing a link to your company on any or all pages of the project site.
If so to the above, do you offer a discount for such link placement.
    Site Maintenance:
Do you provide ongoing site maintenance?
Detail the scope of site maintenance, what is included, what is not.
Is site maintenace a separate contract.
    Project Management:
Does your company have any experience in using formal project management methods?
How do you provide deadline management?
What project management tools are used?
Are interim reports available for client review?
    Client Communication:
Describe the process your company uses to inform the client of progress, assess feedback, change management etc.
Describe the planned meetings (client communications) for this project, include a draft timetable.
Provide your address, contact methods, meeting places, etc.
Describe your knowledge of local market conditions.
    Industry Knowledge:
Describe your knowledge of the client's industry / theme.
Describe any limitations that may impact this project.
Financial    Please provide information on the following topics
    Project Estimates:
Describe the basis of the proposed project cost, breakout people hours from application /hardware / software purchase.
Is the estimate "firm" regardless of difficulties and unforseen complications?
Under what conditions would you ask for a price revision?
Describe the projects requirement for deposits, progress payments and final signoff.
Describe your cancellation policy ( if not already oulined in the Legal section).
What forms of payment do you accept, credit cards, debit, check?
Describe any potential client credits from missed SLA's, missed deadlines.




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