IT Services typically mean Information Technology and that is a broad description of the computer hardware and software that is intrinsic to a business. In the case of "Managed" this means an outside resource such as an MSP (Managed Service Provider) takes over responsibility for the optimal functioning of the technology.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Typically Managed IT Services is a technology solution provided by an MSP (managed Service Provider). Often it will be at a flat rate with unlimited support. Usually, it will include some proactive monitoring of computers and other infrastructure.

So what does IT really mean. It is short for Information Technology which is a very broad term to describe the hardware and software in use by a company to run their daily business. Typical endpoints are workstation computers, Servers, printers, and special appliances. All of this tied together using networking components, such as switches, routers, wifi access points ETC.

 A pretty old Google search appliance

Case Study:

The company I am associated with (Atrema Technologies) offers several managed services but one of the most interesting is their "IT Department in a Box". Atrema provides a custom built server using best of breed parts plus a battery backup plus necessary networking gear.  Then Atrema sets up a highly secure VPN tunnel which is used to manage all components that come with this solution.  For more information see Atrema IT Department in a Box


Why use Managed Services?

Two factors come into play when considering  this. Most often the primary factor is to save money by not having internal resources. The second factor would be the ability to acquire skills and abilities you do not have internally. A careful search for the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing can help you decide if this is right for your company.