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Where to get a new computer in Calgary?
In Calgary, many consumers will buy their new pc from retailers such as :
Future Shop
London Drugs
Best Buy

As always computer deals can be had from online vendors such as Dell or even directly from Hewlett Packard (that is HP + Compaq).

If you are looking to do self assembly or modifications or just bargain hunting, then you may want to head down to Memory Express which has become one of the bigger dealers in computers and parts in Calgary. One of the unique things they do is that their website reflects closely what they use in-store to keep track of merchandise and prices. I believe their inventory system updates roughly  once per hour.

Lately I have noticed the re-appearance of the local computer shop catering to the consumer that wants not only convenience but also the greater degree of support a smaller shop can provide.

Computer Dealers in Calgary

As you can see above lots of choices abound.

Some buying tips:

1. We build about 30 to 40 pc's a year for our own use. For us it is Asus or Supermicro  motherboards only! For memory we prefer Kingston or Micron. Hard drives are usually Western Digital  but I can't complain about  Seagate.
2. Never buy into "easy upgrade". Computers these days are throw away electronics just like big screen  TV's.
3. We never buy extended warranty but then again we build our own pc's.
4. The profit margins for computer dealers is in the accessories - buyer beware.
5. The latest processors cost the most money for a little while (after 90 days they get cheaper). We always buy a speed or two back. Really once you are in the 2+ Megahertz range the speed difference is nominal. Same for Celeron, the difference is in the caching on the processor.
6. Two screens are better than 1. If the pc is for work use get a dual video card and two screens, you will wonder how you ever got along before.
7. Unless you are a serious gamer the standard graphics will do nicely see item 6.
8. Microsoft makes good keyboards & good mice.
9. Windows 10 seems to be the OS of choice.
10. All of the above is useless without a good firewall and good antivirus. 


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