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SQL Client Tools

SQL Server Management Studio Express - Community Technology Preview to the Rescue.

It is common for SQL databases that reside on a shared platform to be not visible directly from the Internet. At our hosting company this is exactly the case, the SQL is on a private LAN which can be accessed by the websites but not directly from the Internet. This is done by putting two network adapters into each server, one facing the Internet and the other able to communicate with the private LAN. The reason for this kind of setup is twofold, it provides a higher level of security for the database and second the performance is much better since the private LAN will have less traffic and can be a higher performance LAN, for examply a gigabit network.

 At the same time it is common and desirable to use Microsoft's Windows 2003 Web Edition for dedicated servers. One of the big gotcha's is that you cannot install SQL client tools on the web edtion because it is crippled right in the operating system. This means you cannot install Enterprise Manager onto Windows 2003 Web Edition to administer your database.

The solution is to install SQL Server Management Studio Express onto your dedicated server since it can communicate with previous Database Engines like SQL Server 2000. This provides a nice graphical easy to use management interface that can communicate with the private LAN. Now all the user needs to do is connect via Terminal Server to his dedicated server and invoke Studio Express.

To install SQL Server Management Studio Express, you will need to install ver 2 first.

See and navigate to the downloads page.