Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling

Are you e-waste savvy?

Choose to recycle your old electronics - but do your research first to make sure they will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

(NC)-Did you know that Canadians will throw out more than 67,000 tonnes of electronics this year alone? That is the equivalent of a large ocean liner sitting in our landfills - and electronic waste can leak toxins such as lead, cadmium and mercury.

You can make a difference. When shopping for a computer or printer, ask yourself:

Is the product designed for the environment?

Products should be engineered with recycling in mind. For instance, companies should use materials that are recycle-friendly with fewer parts and chemicals.

Was the product packaged with environmentally friendly materials?

Look for products that use less material for packaging purposes, as well as material that is recyclable or contains recycled materials and is not harmful to the environment.

Does the manufacturer have a commitment to the environment?

When you buy the product, it should be clear what to do with it at the end of its life to ensure it is recycled. The process should also be convenient for you. Do the extra research to ensure your e-waste is being recycled in an environmentally-friendly way.

What will you do with your computer when you're ready to replace it?

Choose to recycle it - but make sure you know where it's going. Some "recyclers" ship products to third-world countries where some valuable pieces are reclaimed and the rest is discarded, polluting air, water and land. Recycling programs are available through some major computer manufacturers. HP Canada provides a recycling service for all customers, accepts any brand of printer or computer equipment and ensures that they are recycled responsibly. Visit to have your old gear picked up.

- News Canada



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