Farmers market just off Macleod Trail near Heritage

Market on Macleod

Market on Macleod

Spring 2015 (April to be precise) and it is time to check out this farmer's market.  Multiple vendors with organic, or gluten free. Plus many ethnic foods. We brought home some Bienenstich from a German bakery. I have to admit I haven't had this since I left Montreal in the 70's and this was every bit as good as my memories.

Below we have a small sampling of photos and then a walking tour of the market.  The walking tour was done with a Gopro silver mounted to  my baseball cap worn backwards.   A little jerky in some spots but overall I am pleased with the Gopro. This was my first attempt at doing this. ( The editing software is another story altogether).

Here is an image from outside.  This market used to be called Kingsland. The name was changed in 2014 to reflect new ownership










Renay was kind enough to pose for use, in front of her stand.


All the vendors seemed very friendly.











So one thing we noticed is the market seems to put out an effort to make it a fun place to go. 

Several musicians were playing and we also spotted a balloon artist catering to the kids.









So here is the video