Road Trip, Calgary to Fairmont Hot Springs British Columbia

Calgary Select: Road Trip to Fairmont Hot Springs British Columbia

Roadtrip from Calgary To Fairmont Hot Springs British Columbia

Route to Fairmont Hot Springs from CalgaryFairmont Hot Springs British Columbia is a relatively short trip from Calgary, approximately 186 miles or about 300 kilometres.  Plan on about 3 and a half hours driving time. This makes for an ideal get away for the weekend or even longer depending on your vacation schedule.

To the right is  a mini map of the route to Fairmont. Essentially proceed West from Calgary on Highway 1 until you reach Highway 93 then South through Radium and past Invermere. There are a few tricky curves on Highway 93 so make sure you watch for the speed warning signs.

Note, if you haven't travelled through Banff National Park before, here is a travel tip. As long as you do not plan to stop within the park, you can take the "passing through" lane at the park gate. This avoids waiting in a line up and also paying the park visitor fee. The same applies to Kootenay National Park on the return trip.


What are the attractions in Fairmont Hot Springs?  Aside from the spectacular scenery, the natural hot springs bubbling up from the ground, and  the excellent accomodations, it becomes very obvious very quickly that during the spring, summer and fall this area is a golf mecca. 

There are three distinct golf courses within the Fairmont Hot Springs area.

looking East on the 10th hole of the Riverside Golf course in Fairmont Hot SpringsRiverside meanders along the Columbia River featuring 18 holes of Golf and a total yardage of 6,507. To view more information about the course visit their website at:

The picture on the right is taken from the 10th hole tee box.

The course  also has a practice green, driving range, pro shop,  and a full service restaurant and a separate lounge. Perfect for relaxing after a great game.

The Toll Free number for reservations is: 1-800-665-2112.





Teeing off on the 13th hole of Mountainside in Fairmont Hot Springs Mountainside the 2nd course is part of the Fairmont Hot Spring resort see

To book Tee times call 1-800-663-4979.

The picture on the right is a group teeing off the 13th on Mountainside.


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Creekside Golf course parking lot in Fairmont Hot SpringsCreekside is a par 3 course. Call 250-345-6660 to book tee times.






The Hot Springs

One of the naturally occuring sources of hot springs with a bench and tub carved into the groundAccording to tourist literature available in Fairmont. "There are close to 1,000,000 gallons of mineral hot springs water bubbling out of the ground at Fairmont Hot Springs every day, the temperature varying from 35 degrees Celsius (96 degrees Fahrenheit) to 48 degrees Celsius (118 degrees Fahrenheit). The source of these hot springs is thought to be cool mountain water entering faults at higher elevations, pushing its way perhaps several kilometers into the earth's crust. These waters then pass through the rock areas and are forced back to the earth's surface at Fairmont. The surface hot springs are collected in two main pools where visitors are able to enjoy the hot spring waters 365 days a year. An area where the visitors can view the natural hot springs is the Historic Baths to the North of the lodge."

The photo on the right is of one of the naturally occuring hot spring sources. A shallow tub has been carved into the ground.

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