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More Photos from Fairmont Hot Springs

historic baths at Fairmont Hot Springs

The photo above shows the historic baths at Fairmont Hot Springs. The small bath building is built on top of a hill and very close to the source of the hot springs. There are three rooms inside the building and each has a shallow tub carved into the ground and is continually fed with the warm mineralized water.

 inside the bath house at Fairmont Hot Springs

Above you can see one of the tubs that is inside one of three rooms of the Historic Baths. If you plan to use these old facilities take note there are no  doors on the rooms and so no privacy.

hot springs pool

 By way of contrast here is a photo of the pool area which has the water piped in from the hot springs.

 steam rising from watershed of the hot springs in Fairmont

In  the photo above, the hot springs water is trickling down the hill and steam is rising from it.

 close up of hot spring in Fairmont

Finally, here is a close up shot of a hot spring as it trickles out of the ground.