Calgary to Disney roadtrip return up the pacific coast highway stopping in Washington State

Calgary Select: Day 9 Oregon & Washington- roadtrip

The curves are driving me crazy.

However scenic route 101 is, after a while the great number of curves in the highway induces some kind of fatigue. Add to it that the curves are not always graded properly and so a certain amount of caution is in order. There have been a couple of times where I felt as if I was going to fly off the curve.

oregon_dunes.jpgToday was a serious travel day. We managed to catch some good views of the Oregon dunes, a remarkable sight. By noon we were in Florence and we happened upon a combo seafood market and restaurant called Webbers. Great food and good prices, another super landmark for anyone doing this trip. It is right at the intersection of route 101 and Highway 126 which leads to Eugene. It is at this point we veered inland to get us onto the Interstate. So sadly we said goodbye to the coastal highway.

A quick stop in Eugene for some Oregon souvenirs and then it was time to make tracks. Yes, now we must hurry a bit as we have fallen a little behind schedule, but who can blame us when visiting all these fascinating places.

Tonight's pit stop is in Olympia Washington, and we found reasonable accomodation at the La Quinta Inn (we got you covered in Spanish). A quick dip in the pool so the kids could blow off a little steam. I am feeling a lot of sympathy for them as it isn't easy to sit in the car day after day for long stretches. They don't have the same patience we do.

A quick note on food. Why is KFC so different in the US, they got neat stuff like corn on the cob. Why is there no Jack in the Box or Carl's Junior in Canada. These are awesome places for fast food. Lastly why does McDonald's taste better in the US?