Calgary to Disney roadtrip return up the pacific coast highway stopping in Oregon

Calgary Select: Day 8 , redwoods & Oregon coast - roadtrip

Mystical & Magical

During the early AM while my family caught a few more winks, I was able to explore the Double Tree Inn some more. What a fabulous stopover. Wait, the best of this day is yet to come. We headed toward Santa Rosa in search of an IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, a place we had only heard about back in our home land. It was to be a place of mythical breakfast. We were not disappointed, the breakfast was one of the best yet.redwood.jpg



With our tummies full, it was onto the open road and not too long before we began to discover the mystical giants they call the California redwoods. To borrow from the hippies of yore, "man it blew my mind". Trees enourmous in height and girth, trees that had been around when Marc Antony was busy with Cleopatra (but that is another story). Trees that had been around during the time of Christ. I urge my readers to go there and touch them, feel them, understand what makes them so special.


I must also mention that we have been following route 101 which is well known as one of the prettiest, most scenic of American highways. So far I heartily agree with that.



brookings_beach.jpgWe decided to stop for the night at the Best Western in Brookings Oregon, yet another almost magical place. The desk clerk sensing our travel fatigue gave us a spectacular room right on the ocean. As I write this I am also listening to the pounding of the waves. If you find yourself in Oregon on route 101 this is the place to stop for the night, you will not be disappointed.

In search of souvenirs, we dropped into the Beachfront Gifts store directly across from the Hotel. A nice selection of gifts. I purchased a jacket and met with Alice who not only works in the store but makes the most delicous assortment of fudge. Alice had a great sense of humour and I was able to talk her into giving me a sample of the chocolate amaretto fudge as well as the chocolate walnut fudge. Alice if you are reading this, yes I remember the grocery store is left from the stop sign and first right, if you get to the bridge you have gone too far. So another must stop and see place, provided of course you are in Oregon and if you are not in Oregon I strongly suggest you get there as it is comletely a place to refresh your soul.