Calgary to Disney roadtrip return up the pacific coast highway stopping in San Francisco

Calgary Select: Day 6 to San Francisco - roadtrip

Do you know the way to San Jose

Do you know the way to San Jose.
The Best Western we stayed at in Buellton, California, offered a nice continental breakfast in their courtyard gazebo, all very quaint. I chatted with a gentleman who came from Red Deer, Alberta every year to spend a month playing golf at the numerous courses in this area.

This is where the Costco adventure really gets into high gear. After stopping the previous evening I had discovered that the Canon Rebel xti I had purchased had a defect. From some research on the net I found it was the infamous error code 99. So the next town, Santa Maria also had a Costco and so I returned the camera there but they didn't carry the same one. Further down the road in San Luis Obispo, yet another Costco who did have the camera. By this time the rest of my troops (family) refused to enter yet another Costco. Nothing against Costco but they do all tend to be the same. My wife tried to lampoon me with suggestions that I was actually being employed by them to visit their different locations. Before I even left the store, I fully checked out the camera for proper functioning. Success!

Route 101 heading to San Francisco is peppered with vineyards and vegetable farms. It is only mid April and the workers were harvesting fully mature lettuce etc.

haight_Ashbury.jpgArriving in San Francisco, we found our hotel (Ramada). It seems anthing close to downtown is quite expensive. This hotel we are guessing was originally an apartment building and the rooms were very old fashioned but we liked it anyways. We headed out to explore some of San Francisco. First we hiked (I say hiked because of the steep hills) to Haight Ashbury where the kids bought some posters and stuff. Haight Ashbury really didn't do much for me as it turned out to be simply a street corner. This is where all of our fitness training paid off as we walked back down toward Market street and ultimately to Chinatown.




chinatown.jpgSupper was at the Empress of China restaurant which was very nice and the waiters tried to make it real upscale but the bottom line for me was high prices and not enough value. To finish off the day we took a cab back to the hotel since we found too many "street people" to our liking, a cool cab driver with his cd playing some funky blues tunes.