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The day after Disney

The day after our full immersion in all things Disney required a generous portion of sleep.
When we arose, it was down to the pool for that refreshing dip. It was time to send off a postcard or two. As we went to the office we heard of another tourist who had lost his wallet. It was unclear whether he had lost it or been pick pocketed. I mention this because a visit to a place like Disney means you are carrying cash, there are crowds and you need to be a bit careful.

rebel_xti.jpgAs I have mentioned before, my camera decided to pack it in and we used a spare one for our Disney pictures. The pictures were ok but not up to what we are used to and so off it was to the Anaheim Costco to look at camera's. I have had my eye on a Canon digital SLR ever since we started to plan our trip, this was the perfect reason to make the plunge and get one.

So the plan for today was to start heading up the 101 (Pacific Coastal santa_monica.jpgHighway). Los Angeles really does seem to go on forever and it took hours to reach the beaches. Along the way we passed the mamoth LAX airport. In Santa Monica, we stopped to walk the sand and dip our toes into the Pacific ocean. (Beach side parking $5.00) Route 101 really does offer some very pretty scenery along the way especially through places like Malibu. I can only imagine the cost of some of the beach front properties. While we were dipping our toes,I had a chance to open the box on the new camera,it is the Canon rebel xti. To my surprise, it took cf cards and not the normal memory cards used in all our other personal electronics. This then precipitated what was to become the Costco adventure that carried over into Day 6. We located a costco in Oxnard and purchased the CF card.

We passed through the Santa Barbera downtown, very pretty and probably worth you while to cruise through. We tried to get a room but the inns were full and just as well since the prices were quite steep. So we jumped back into the car with the now starting to set sun constantly directly in front of us which made for less enjoyable driving. At Buellton, we found Pea Soup Andersen's Inn (Best Western) Great rates and good accomodation. I highly recommend it.