Road trip from Calgary To Disneyland

Calgary Select: Disney Land day 4 - Road trip

The Happiest place on Earth

buzz_lightyear.jpgWell almost the happiest. My wallet lighter from the $6.00/slice pizza, and my feet with new blisters from walking all day and all night does not quite add up to being the happiest place on Earth. Give me a segway and maybe, just maybe.

Ok, the above is the limit on my negativity, because Disney land is everything I expected and more. Once again, I am  not quite sure where to begin, as it is all so spectacular and in my opinion it is worth the effort to get here.

The kids thought Space Mountain to be the best ride, my personal favourite was a toss up between Indiana Jones (temple of doom) and Pirates of the Caribbean. Through perseverance we managed to ride some of the major ones twice. The fireworks in the evening were among the best I have ever seen. I really got it. The Disney railroad a true lifesaver when going from ride to ride at different ends of the park. Before I forget Astro blaster too cool, my score 49,200. Yes I know this is all jumbled up but that is exactly how you feel after a full day at the park. worm.jpgOh, yeah, we also rode the monorail, did I forget to mention "It's a small world". Tunnel Mountain too much fun. Then there was the Jungle cruise, wow.

There is a lot of benefit in making sure you put in the effort to go on rides more than once, mainly because you start to pick up on some of the detail you missed the first time. Detail seems to be a big part of the Disney strategy, and most likely why people feel the magic.

walt_mickey.jpgAttention readers, this page could be very long with detailed descriptions but that is not the right thing to do. Visit Disney, it is the only way to truly feel and understand the happiest place on Earth.

Quick facts:
We arrived at the park gates at 7:30 AM and left at midnight.
Most Disney pins about $7
Indian Jones hat $42
Longest wait time we saw for Space Mountain , 60 minutes
Bottled water in hip pocket - great idea
Shortest wait time (0 minutes) was Pirates at about 11:15 pm