Calgary to Disney roadtrip

Calgary Select: Day 3 Disney Roadtrip

Disney at last

Is it Disneyland or Freeway land. Our little GPS system really paid of  cruising into Los Angeles. From a driving perspective this is one crazy place. Everyone drives like a bat out of hell and the number of freeways astounds me.


Mohave.jpgWell let’s back up a bit, after leaving Las Vegas, we started across the Mohave Desert region. Temperatures were in the 35 C range and the wind was howling. This wind was strong enough to move our vehicle around constantly, so driving wasn’t a whole lot of fun.


What can I say about the scenery during the four hour drive. It was desert and scrub and Interstate with lots of traffic. We notice that in Utah, the drivers “actually did own the road”, what I mean by that is they would not surrender the fast lane. Well in California it seems reckless speed and reckless lane changes seem to be the order of the day.  Gasp, am I just not used to it?







disneyland_sign.jpgSo having successfully found our hotel (Ramada – Main Gate), we searched out some local electronic stores because unfortunately my main camera decided to pack it in. To my surprise digital electronics are a better deal in Canada. I decided to hold off and share one of the cameras we had given the kids.  Dinner today was Jack in the Box. None of those in Calgary and that is too bad as we really enjoyed it.

Three cheers to Ramada for Internet that works and it is included, not an extra fee. Take that Luxor!


Once we finished with that we proceeded to the park and purchased our passes for the next day. This year it cost $63 per person. Ouch. We also got to walk around downtown Disney which doesn’t require a park pass.


To end off day 3 we need to hit the hay early, tomorrow is a big day with a full itinerary planned.