Calgary Select:Day 1- Idaho Falls

Day 1 - Idaho Fallls , Idaho

snowymontana.jpgThere was a real sense of excitement and anticipation as we left Great Falls around 10 am, after a very delicious breakfast at Elmer's. The temperature was -3 C and back in Calgary it was even colder. We got out onto the Interstate to find more icy hazaradous roads until we got near Helena.  The really great news was the further south we got the warmer the temperatures. Oh, before I forget, I have this penchant for hawaiin style shirts and in Helena the Kmart had a great deal on a black Hawaiin  shirt with nice little green palm trees ( I am wearing it as a I write this passage).

The Interstate highway 15 crosses the Missouri river so many times we actually lost count, but all in all the scenery was totally spectacular not quite like the Rockies in Alberta but similar yet different.

The visitor center in Butte Montana was worthwhile with a nice building, friendly staff and loads of information about the local copper mining.



Arriving in Idaho Falls it is a balmy 20 degrees celsius. Wow just a few hours ago we were shivering. We checked into the Shilo Inn, which is quite nice including the pool, which the kids loved after spending a good part of the day cooped up in the car. We did manage a little shopping on this leg,since it was a bit shorter.



eaglefountain_idaho.jpgTomorrow we want to push through to Vegas which promises to be quite a long day. Mapquest rates it as 631 miles.

By the way, you know how after you leave on a trip you almost always at some point remember something you should have brought along. Well for me it is photo editing software, so if you see pictures on this page it will be after we have returned home and I have had a chance to work with the images. Raw they would be too big to publish on the web.