Calgary Select: Day 0, Great Falls Montana

Day 0 - Calgary to Great Falls Montana

Ourvehicle.jpgWe decided to leave half a day early to make the first stretch a little less tiresome. The first stopping point was Great Falls Montana. Road conditions were great until we got to Shelby, at which point the snow showers combined with darkness and our unfamiliarity with the road made for a bit of white knuckle driving.

greatfallsmotel.jpgThe border crossing at Coutts was uneventful but somewhat interesting. They have significantly upgraded the building since I last crossed there. The border dude asked me where we were going, did we have fruits, vegetables, alcohol & tobacco. Interestingly they also asked if we were carrying in excess of $2000.

Our gps system led us onto a wild goose chase when we tried to find the Holiday Inn, so as we drove by the Best Western for the 4 th time we decided to check in there. Standard hotel stuff.


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