Statutory Holidays in Calgary Alberta

Calgary Select: Statutory Holidays in Calgary Alberta


General Holidays (Statutory) Calgary Alberta

Here are the General Holidays in Alberta as cited by the Alberta Human Resources and Employment department.

General Holiday Definition 2015 2016
New Years Day January 1 January1 - Thur January 1 -Fri
Alberta Family Day Third Monday in February February 16 -Mon February 15
Good Friday Friday before Easter April 3 March 25
Victoria Day Monday before May 25 May 18 May 23
Canada Day July 1 (except if on a Sunday) July 1-Wed July 1 -Fri
Labour Day First Monday in September September 7 September 5
Thanksgiving Day Second Monday in October October 12 October 10
Remembrance Day November 11 November 11  November 11 
Christmas Day December 25 December 25  December 25 


Optional Holidays:
Boxing Day
Alberta Heritage Day ( First Monday in August) - August 3nd 2015, August 1st, 2016

Rules for Getting paid on Holidays (Holiday Pay Eligibility - Alberta):
The best guide for this is the Alberta Human Resource & Employment departments listing of Employment Standards. Click here to go to their website.

More Dates on the Calendar:
Mother's Day 2015 is May 10, in 2016 May 8
Father's Day 2015 is June 21, in 2016 June 19

Things to do on a holiday

Here are some suggestions on possible activities during your day off:

Go shopping - check out cross border shopping

Take a road trip- see our road trip pages

Work on a home renovation project - see our home & garden section

Play a game

Read a book

Watch movies or television

Exercise (highly recommended)

Work on a hobby

 Spend time in the kitchen - Gourmet meal - no take out today

Hold a party - Dinner party

Over 18 - check out a casino

Visit a tanning booth 

Sign up for Yoga classes see our page on Yoga

Internet activiites
    Build a website - see

Personal sports

Visit friends or family

Clean the car - see our page on autodetailing