St. Patrick's day in Calgary

Calgary Select: St. Patrick's day


March 17 Saint Patrick's Day

StPaddyWhtHat.jpgJust like everywhere else, on St. Patricks day everybody in Calgary is Irish. Green beer is served in many of the pubs and beware of being pinched if you don't put on some green as part of your attire.

Erin Go Bragh or Erin Go Braugh most often means Ireland Forever

History of Saint Patrick's Day:
St. Patrick  (slang St. Paddy) is the patron saint of Ireland and certainly well known throughout Christianity. One of the best known myths about St. Patrick is that he banished all snakes from Ireland. St.Patrick was born near the end of the fourth century. As a young man, he was taken as a prisoner by some Irish raiders. It was during his time in captivity that he became devout in his religion. Subsequent to this he escaped and began a course of religious training that led to his ordination as a priest.  StPaddyBearBck2in.jpgHe chose to become a missionary in Ireland with the purpose of converting the many pagans at that time to Christianity. The Celtic cross that incorporates the sun superimposed on it is attributed to St. Patrick.

- St. Patrick's day falls during the season of Lent

- The History Channel reports that the first St. Patrick's Day parade took place in New York City (March 17, 1762)

- The Shamrock, it is said that St. Patrick used the shamrock to symbolize and explain the Trinity and so today part of  commemorating St. Paddy's day is the wearing of a green shamrock.