Tips on selecting your Christmas Tree

Calgary Select: Tips on selecting your Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree

One of the pre-Christmas rituals is picking out that perfect Christmas tree, whether you are buying a pre-cut tree from the shopping mall or venturing out in the snow to cut your own. Below are some tips relating to Christmas trees.

1. Measure the intended spot to make sure the tree is going to fit.

2. To keep the tree fresher longer make sure you keep it away from heat sources.

3. Your Christmas tree should be at least 1 foot shorter than the ceiling height.

4. Self cut trees are by nature the freshest ones and will likely last the longest in your house. Keep in mind pre-cut trees sold at the mall could be several weeks old already. The best time to purchase is before the big rush. Look for the greenest tree with the fewest brown needles. Note, some pre-cut trees are colored before they arrive at the lot to enhance their look.


Fully Decorated Christmas Tree5. To check for freshness you can drop the tree onto it's stump by a few inches. There shouldn't be more than a few needles that fall off. Also you can check how brittle the branches are for another sign. In Calgary, this time of year is cold enough that you can initially store the tree outside and let the cold preserve it until you are ready to bring it in and decorate it.

6. Look for a straight trunk and evenly dispersed branches. Nothing worse than cutting a few inches off the bottom and ending up with a crooked or lopsided tree.

7.Check the tree for possible insects or eggs. You don't want these hatching in your nice warm house.





Cut your own / U Cut Christmas Trees

In Alberta, you can cut up to 3 Christmas trees on Crown Land, providing you have the necessary permit ($5.00). There are a few rules and regulations that go along with that.  For more information on this see

Related to the forestry option, the Alberta Junior Forest Wardens run an annual program near Cremona. See their 2007 poster at :

Find out more information about the most common North American Christmas Trees at