Calgary Select: Gift Guide for Christmas

Calgary Select: Gift Guide for Christmas

Christmas Gift Suggestions

This is not a list of what is hot for Christmas this year, just a list of things that might perk your interest.


Got a really big ribbon and no place to put it, how about a new car! Calgary Select has all the dealers listed here


Digital Frames - as they come down in price expect this to become one popular gift.

New Computer - once again on everybody's shopping list especially the notebook kind.


The new digital cameras are awesome especially the Digital SLR's See our review of the Canon


Did you know that Christmas is usually the busiest day of the year for Disneyland. See our complete road trip to Disney land for helpful information

Gift Ideas for that hard to buy for Man or Woman:

A relative has a small condo and doesn't want knicknacks as they add clutter. She does however like Champagne, so on her birthday a sampler of different champagnes. Recently an acquaintance did a similar idea with a sampler of imported British Beers.