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Calgary is a great city to play golf in. Our terrain is quite varied so some courses are flat and some are very hilly. Almost all have a view of the Rockies. Many of the courses will border either the Bow or Elbow river so water hazards are often quite natural.  The scope of courses in Calgary ranges from duffer level right up to world class pro courses.WhtHatGolfCart4inFLEFT.jpg

Can it get any better? Well yes it can, Calgary is one of the sunniest cities in Canada so it isn't too often that your game will get ruined by the weather. The season typically runs from April/May through October and occasionally during an exceptional Chinook ( a chinook is a warm wind that will raise the temperature dramatically even in the middle of winter) one or more courses will open using temporary greens just to celebrate the warm chinook winds.

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Public & Semi- Private Courses  
Beaver Dam (18h) Nanton (18h)
Boulder Creek (18h)  
Buffalo Run (9h) Olds Central Highlands (18h)
Canal at Delacour (18h) Oxbow Country (9h)
Cochrane (9h) Redwood Meadows (18h)
Crystal Ridge (9h) recommended Rio Vista (9h)
D'Arcy Ranch (18h) River's Edge (18h)

Douglasdale (18h)

River Spirit (27h)
Elbow Springs (27h) Shaw-Nee Slopes (18h)
Elks Lodge & Golf Club (18h) Silver Willow (9h)
RCGA Golf Centre (Four  Seasons) (9h) Sirocco (18h)
Fox Hollow (9h) Strathmore (18h)
Harvest Hills (9h) Speargrass (18h)
HeatherGlen (27h) Springbank Links (18h)
Heritage Pointe (27h) Tooth of Dogpound Creek (9h)
Highland (9h) Turner Valley (18h)
Highwood (27h) Valley Ridge (18h)
Inglewood (18h) Water Valley (18h)
Links of Glen Eagles (18h) Wintergreen (18h)
Lynx Ridge (18h) Woodside (18)
McKenzie Meadows (18h)