Mckenzie Lake plays host an annual festival known as McKenzie Frenzie

Calgary Select: Mckenzie Frenzie - Community Festival

McKenzie Frenzie

The 4th Annual McKenzie Frenzie

Kids enjoying some indoor funThis annual community based festival is held each year on the 2 days preceeding Father's Day. This event has many activities for all age groups but especially the kids. Adults take can take a relaxing break in the beer garden and be entertained by live music.  As it is sponsored by local business, the festival features displays by many of the local businesses and the entire event is managed and run by local volunteers.

The originator of the festival was Diane Halladay and she drew inspiration for this based on her childhood memories of Wildcat Days ( I believe that is an Elkford BC event). Organizers hope to grow this annual event to a similar scale as that of Calgary's Lilac festival.




barbeque lunch



Volunteer Chef is cooking up many many burgers for the hungry crowds. Good attendance despite some early morning rain.










Live Entertainment in the beer garden




A local band tunes up in preparation for playing all day long at the beer garden.

I lingered long enough to decide they were quite good.







 outdoor fun



Outdoor fun and games.







Calgary EMS



The Calgary Emergency Services personnell came by to show people their equipment and answer questions about EMS.






A local sponsor


One of the local businesses displaying their wares at the festival. Sherry currently runs this part time from her home but hopes to one day make it a full time occupation.  By the way even though it is called a sugar shop, it is all about unwanted hair removal.

Her daughter seen in the picture has some fancy face painting that she is quite enjoying.




Calgary Public Library


The friendly folk from the Calgary Public Library dropped by to show some books and hand out pencils and book marks.