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Karaoke in Calgary

There is no doubt that Karaoke has taken off in Calgary. Whether it be for at home or at a club, Karaoke seems to be everywhere. What is Karaoke? Basically it is the opportunity to superimpose your singing on the sound tracks of popular songs. Karaoke originated in Japan but has become a fixture in North America.


Karaoke World Ltd.
Karaoke World is a shop located on Macleod Trail which has become one of Cananda's leading suppliers of karaoke music and equipment.  They feature an  extensive listing of songs that reaches over a quarter million selections. Karaoke World also carries a wide assortment of Karaoke equipment as well as amps, speakers and mixers. You will also be able to find an extensive list of Karaoke shows ( mostly pubs and bars) on their site.