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4th Street Lilac Festival 2008


It was cold, wet and damp. This is a view early in the day before the crowds arrived, looking South.
Photo of 4th Street Looking South before the parade starts

Below we have two ladies at the head of the parade carrying the Lilac Festival 2008 banner.
Two ladies holding Lilac Festival Banner for 2008 at the head of the parade

In the picture below we see what I call a two hump dragon.
Chinese two hump dragon

Next up are two shots of a Chinese dragon on a pole that is deftly manoevered by several men wearing a traditional Chinese outfit.
Chinese Dragon on a pole

Dont' they look keen.
Brightly colored Chinese pole dragon

 Belly Dancing anyone? They didn't seem to mind the cold and rain. It was only 8 degrees Celsius.
Belly dancers

Below is a Scottish band. Pass the haegis.
Scottish marching band

Here are some medieval people, did they take a wrong turn?
Medieval people

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