Calgary Select: 4th Street Lilac Festival 2008 Photo Gallery





















































4th Street Lilac Festival 2008 Photo Gallery 2

There was entertainment galore at this year's Lilac Festival. Every couple of blocks another band was on a stage.
One of the many bands entertaining the crowds.

Beach volleyball seemed just the thing to do on a day like this.
Volleyball at the Lilac Festival

Some people didn't mind getting wet, like this volunteer below sitting on the dunk tank.
Dunk Tank for charity

 Tai Chi, exercise for young and old, male & female being demonstrated.
Tai Chi demonstration

Among the many novel merchants selling wares was this unique shop that sells replacement bra straps. Ones that make a fashion statement.
Bra strap vendor

Here is the solar car we have been reading about. The car was designed and built by University of Calgary students and it is named Schulich 1.  The car will be competing in a race that starts in Texas and they plan to arrive back in Calgary July 22, 2008 for a finish line celebration. Get all the details at 
Solar Car by University of Calgary- Schulich 1

Here is a racing car of a different sort. Wonder what it gets to the litre?
Formula racing car

And finally from the "Passion Play" here is a centurion. Kinda makes the street feel a bit safer doesn't it.

Centurion from the Passion Play