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April 2015 - A buyer's market

Prices are heading down in Calgary as there is a GLUT of listings!  Now is the time to NEGOTIATE.

December 2007 - Uncertainty in the market can dampen sales but does it have to?

How to Buy a New Home in an Uncertain Market.
Here are some of the key points to consider:

Have the New Home Builder guarantee the sale of your existing home. This way when you take possesion of your new home you know exactly what your deal is and if you do sell the old home for more then it is a bonus.

Make an offer to purchase rather than simply accepting the list price. It is pretty rare that you cannot negotiate on a purchase that large.

Shop for a deal!. Many builders are now sitting with "spec" (speculative) homes that often offer bundles of upgrades at a substantially reduced price.

Make sure your new home is covered by the Alberta New Home Warranty program.

Look for "Built Green" homes. This can include things such as solar shield low emmission windows, high efficiency furnace & water heater, and even the logistics of the materials used such as local purchase versus distance.

The proposed GST reduction will still benefit you since a new home purchased now will most likely have it's possesion date after the New Year.

November 2007 - CREB reports that for October:
Average Sale Price $452,254
Median Price $412,500  (September was $420,500)

October 2007 - What a difference a few months can make! Average prices are falling and the inventory of resale homes has vastly increased.  New homes are still being delivered from last year's backlog but expect the new home builder to start getting more aggressive or competitive very soon.  Did we mention that the Boom is subsiding? The coming weeks and the Government's position on royalties will have  a definite infleunce on how warm or hot this local economy stays.


June 26, 2007 - Reported today that the average Calgary home price is nearly $500,000.00 and the feeling of some realtors is that it can't go higher. Of course it can!