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Calgary homes for sale & For sale by owner Calgary


Calgary Homes for Sale & For Sale by Owner Calgary

Calgary homes that are for sale fall into two main classifications. New Homes that are being built by new house builders, and used homes that are mainly controlled through MLS listings and the army of real estate agents that is in this city.

For Sale by Owner doesn't seem to the casual observer to be as strong here. Several websites trying to help people with selling their houses directly have come and gone over the last couple of years. I attribute this to a couple of factors. The first being the vigilance of the Real Estate Council in ensuring that their control of the market remains strong. The second being that since the demand for housing is so strong here lately, sellers have little interest in pursuing alternative methods of marketing their real estate.

Resale Homes - Calgary

Generally if you are in the market for a resale home, then you will probably be using the services of a realtor, but that shouldn't stop you from doing some of your own research. The Canadian Real Estate Association  provides a handy web tool for searching the MLS database. MLS is the Multiple Listing Service that contains information on housing that has come on the market for resale through a realtor. To access the Calgary portion of the database click here