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View from inside my condo of my new portable air conditionerIt is sweltering hot outside. The condo I am renting does not come with air conditioning. So what is the solution. Naturally, even if I wanted to install a  full bore system I am not allowed to change any of the exterior walls. Hanging one out of the windows would soon bring the condo board down onto me. The solution presented itself via portable air conditioners.

Portable air conditioners are basically a console on wheels with 1 to 2 hoses that can easily be attached to a window either vertically or horizontally.  The vertical arrangement is a big plus since most windows I have seen in Calgary are usually of the sliding type.

So credit card / debit card in hand, off I went shopping. After comparing several stores I settled on a unit from Costco. It is a Danby Premiere model DPAC 9009. The cooling capacity is 9000 BTU  which will cool a room of 270 - 400 sq. ft. depending on various conditions.  This unit plugs into a standard 15 amp electric circuit. It comes with an intake tube & also an exhaust tube.

A big bonus on this one is that the sleeve that fits into the window comes with an extension should you want to install it on a patio door instead of a window. In addition this unit can function in three modes. Air conditioner, Dehumidifier or as  a basic fan. 

From what I could glean from the documentation, in air conditioner mode the extra water produced by the air conditioning is evaporated away or if there is too much it goes into a built in storage tank (normally used for the dehumidification process). Either way if the tank fills up an alert is put on the readout and I believe that the unit will go into a pause mode (I haven't yet been able to test this). If you want to run it as a dehumidfier, it recommends attaching an included rubber hose.

Last but not least the unit comes with  a remote control, which is handier than you might think as I found the built in controls very difficult to see.

View from the outside of my condo showing the air conditioner hosesAs you can tell by the included pictures this air conditioning solution elegantly solved the problem of cooling in a condo.

Inside it is not taking up much space, outside it is relatively unobtrusive, makes very little noise, and does not pose any security risks (I cut some 2 X 4 to the right length and jammed it into the other side of the window so the window cannot slide open. Also I did not have to remove the bug screen as the air flow is quite good even with it there.

Did I mention the casters that make for easy mobility?