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girlinhottub_s.jpgDo you remember the song " oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz, my friends all have porsches, I must make amends" . I hope I got that right, well "Lord won't you buy me a Hot Tub, my physical therapist says I need it!"

Any drive through Calgary alleyways will reveal a huge population of hot tubs. What can be better on a brisk -25C evening than climbing into a warm bubbling tub and looking up at the stars.

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Hot Tub Essentials
Located in Calgary, Alberta, Hot Tub Essentials stocks thousands of hot tub spa products. They specialize in hot tub covers, spa chemicals, hot tub parts, accessories, heaters, etc. Don't forget to check out their wonderful line of rubber ducks.  They also provide a large number of informative articles on maintaining your spa, saving energy with the right covers and keeping your hot tub water purified.

Tel: (403) 287-1178
Website: DanBluesDuckLeft1in.jpg