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WhtTulipRock3in.jpgHave a Plan

A garden can be a joy, a place to relax and to putter.  Gardeners enjoy working in their yards but you can save yourself make-work labor and heartache by having a plan.

A copy of your Real Property Report can be used to plot the location, shape and size of your beds.  If you are expanding or changing the shapes of beds, getting it right on paper first makes it easy to create in reality.

Plot your plants at the size they will be at maturity.  Probably the most common gardening problem comes from overplanting.  It looked great the first year but by year 3 everything is crowded and unhealthy, while the less robust plants have been smothered by tougher or larger neighbors.

Group plants with similar soil and moisture requirements together.  You don't want to be watering a bed for one plant when the rest of them don't require or want it.

Before you purchase that gorgeous new plant, have a spot for it already picked out that will meet it's needs and where it will compliment existing plantings.

Bigger is better!

Make your beds BIG.  Skinny little beds tend to make everything feel small and tight. Perennial and mixed (include trees and/or shrubs) beds should be at least 2 meters in depth.  They have more impact and the plants have room to grow.