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Are you tired of drooling over pictures of gardens and plants that grow in Zone 4 and up? (Calgary is in Zone 3. Click on the link Plant Hardiness Zones to see map.)

Listed below are just some of the recommended Prairie and Calgary specific garden resource materials for you.


Alberta Gardener
Alberta's Own Garden Magazine
For more information about this great magazine, visit the website



CalgaryGardener15in.jpgThe Calgary Gardener, Volume Two
Beyond the Basics

Liesbeth Leatherbarrow and Lesley Reynolds,
with The Calgary Horticultural Society
ISBN 1-894004-00-0

Gardening Under the Arch
Millarville Horticultural Club
ISBN 0-88925-406-0

BestTreesShrubs2in.jpgBest Trees and Shrubs for the Prairies
Hugh Skinner and Sara Williams
ISBN 1-894004-95-7

Perfect Partners:
Beautiful Plant Combinations for Prairie Gardens

Liesbeth Leatherbarrow and Lesley Reynolds
ISBN 1-894004-30-2

Creating the Prairie Xeriscape
Sara Williams
University Extension Press
ISBN 0888803575

The Prairie Winterscape:
Creative Gardening for the Forgotten Season
Barbara Kam and Nora Bryan
ISBN 1-894856-08-2

The Prairie Gardener's Book of Bugs:
A Guide to Living with Common Garden Insects
Ruth Staal and Nora Bryan
ISBN 1-894004-87-6

3UniversityPrairieBooks4in.jpgWoody Ornamentals for the Prairies
Hugh Knowles
University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension, 1995
ISBN 1-55091-025-6

Perennials for the Prairies
Edgar W Toop and Sara Williams
University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension, 1991
ISBN 1-55091-005-1

Annuals for the Prairies
Edgar W Toop
Lone Pine Publishing, 1993
University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension
University of Sasketchewan, Faculty of Extension
ISBN 1-55105-034-X

Front Yard Gardens - Growing More Than Grass
Liz Primeau
ISBN 1-55297-710-2
(This book is not Prairie specific, but it has great ideas for alternatives to lawns)