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The Best Pizza in Calgary

I confess I am a Pizza junkie. What I am about to reveal to you is truly wonderous as I am not being paid, they are not a client and they have never given me a free pizza ( let's hope that changes). Totally unscientific my findings are that Western Pizza Express makes Calgary's best pizza. I have tried a lot of different Calgary pizza's.

Dominos was king for about a year because of the twisty bread and the cornmeal on the bottom. When the driver complained about having to go so far and my complaint to management was laughed at I switched to Panago's. They did pretty good for about two years until I ordered some pizza for the staff at lunch. Really I think they just heated up somebody's left over sneakers.

Enter Western Pizza Express. At first I was shocked at $20 for 1 pizza but then they explained, "this puppy weighs five pounds". Ok, now I was in pizza heaven, the pepperoni on the pizza was an inch thick.  So to wrap up, try it , it's great. The only drawback is there are only two locations in Calgary. One in Cranston ( call them at 262-8888), and the other newly opened on 17th Ave ( call them at 541-1137 ). I think it is worth the drive. It might even be the Peter's of the pizza business.

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