One of the best Burgers in Calgary can be found at the Tommy Burger Bar

Calgary Select: Best Burger - Tommy Burger Bar

Gourmet Burger - Calgary's Best

Tommy Burger - a feast by itself and Calgary's Best Burger



Who makes the very best hamburger in Calgary? It just might be the Tommy Burger Bar. I dropped in (March 2009) not really knowing what to expect. I had earlier driven by and noticed a sign that advertised how they had been voted best burger for two years in a row by Where magazine.  Naturally my curiosity was piqued.





Walking in the service was friendly & prompt, I chose to sit at the bar which is a  very long one going the most of the length of the restaurant. Decor was clean and modern but not exciting, hey who cares if the burger is that good! The menu was slightly confusing but the friendly server helped me out and also explained new menus were on the way soon.

outside shot of Tommy Burger & Bar


A short wait and the burger arrived in all its glory. I went a little easy in my selection, opting only for mushrooms. Still the burger was stacked pretty high and here it is in a nutshell I was not disappointed one bit. This had to be one of the freshest tasting burgers I have had  in a long time. Accompanying the burger was a side dish of home made fries and they were also reasonably good, however they came in a cone shaped dish which discouraged getting too deep into it.

Out of ten I would rate this burger a solid 9 at a minimum.  Be forewarned it is a sit down place and not a fast food self serve kind of deal.

Tommy Burger and Bar (they serve alchohol)
9629 Macleod Trail S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T2J 0P6

At the time of writing their web site was under construction , however it is
(ps whenever I get to California one of my first things is to find a Carl's junior, well this is better)