Photos from the 2007 Barbeque on the Bow, page1

Calgary Select: BBQ on the Bow gallery 1 2007 photos

Photo Gallery 1 - 2007 BBQ on the Bow

Chicken on the Bar B

Doesn't this chicken look good? (Smokeback Mountain BBQ)

This is the Screamin Steer BBQ Crew. My personal vote is that they get "most hospitable" recognition, as during the hottest part of the day they did provide this photographer with a cool refreshing drink.

 smokeinbox barbeque ribs

This delicious looking rack of ribs is being cooked by the SmokeinBox Barbeque team. They have unique rectangular shaped barbeques.

Mad Cow Barbeque

This Barbeque team won many awards and if I am not mistaken this year's top prize.Wayne Fettback is the Pit Boss, he and his wife are from Langley BC. They operate

ribs and chicken on the grill

Cooking is under way!

Alberta Beef

Alberta Beef is one of the main Sponsors of the event.

Overview of the grounds

The Barley Mill was kind enough to let me get an overview shot from their second floor windows.

Chicken being judged for appearance

This barbeque chicken is judged not only for taste but 1/3 of the mark comes from presentation.

 ribs on the grill

 getting ready for presentation

These cut pieces of rib are getting ready for presentation.