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Fitness & Recreation Clubs in Calgary

Have you noticed we are all getting healthier and with that comes a demand for fitness facilities that service that need.  Looking around there seems an explosive growth in the  number of fitness clubs in Calgary and at the same time recreation facilities is level. (The reason is that per square foot fitness brings in more dollars.)

Before I get to the list I wanted to provide just a few tips based on my own personal experience in using health clubs. Typically the fitness centres put together an elaborate pitch aimed at getting you to sign up for multiple years.  I really don't recommend you sign up for anything more than a year even though it is more expensive. Simply, circumstances change or you might go faithfully for several weeks and then all of a sudden strain a muscle which temporarily stops you from going and then getting back into the routine of going is harder.  Next, I really suggest visiting during the hours you are likely to go to the health club, see just how busy it is. Nothing is more frustrating than getting into your workout routine and then have to wait to access some piece of fitness equipment.  Finally my thoughts on personal training, if you need it then you need it, on the other hand if you know what you are doing or willing to research it on the net / books, then it is just another added expense. Oh, one more thing with going to the fitness club, you need to carefully consider your eating  / nutrition habits. These two go together  tightly.


 Below is our comprehensive list of fitness facilities. If we have missed any please let us know.

Bankers Hall Club Southland Leisure Centre
Calgary Winter Club Spa Lady
Curves Talisman Centre
Fifth Avenue Club Trico Centre
Fish Creek Sports Club Village Square Leisure Centre
Gold's Gym World Health Club
GoodLife Fitness Wow! WorkOut World
Heavens Elevated Fitness YMCA
Mount Royal Recreation YWCA - Fitness on 5th
National Sports Development  


Yet one more thing about fitness clubs, although health clubs that include squash / racquetball are not as popular as at one time, I personally prefer them. Why? The reason is that after a while doing the same old workout can become monotonous and it really becomes a nice feature to have a sport that can be played at the club.

 Tip for singles: Have you ever been told to join a gym to meet people? Based on experience and conversations with staff members at fitness clubs, yes you can meet people and you can develop new friendships BUT if you are thinking of it for dating purposes, it is less than ideal. Here are a couple of reasons why. Let's say you do meet a nice person and you go out on a date but then it doesn't work out for one or both of you. You are faced with changing which fitness club you frequent or alternatively several really awkward moments when you accidentally meet. Another reason, she/ he is attractive and smiling and you pluck up the courage to walk over and say hi. They look at you with a puzzled expression and then finally pull the earpods of their mp3 player out  and wow is that awkward. Also, married people often do not wear their rings while working out, could be another awkward moment.

Bottom line if you are joining a health club, do it for the right reasons. New friendships are simply a bonus.

Active Living Resources

Thinking about fitness? It can become a integral part of your life and there are lots of resources available on the net to help just about anyone with fitness goals. Below are some topical links that relate:

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