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Family Crest Rings

Get these great Family Crest rings

A ring with your family's crest on it can be a wonderful gift /keepsake. You may be commemorating a special anniversary or perhaps graduation or wedding. These rings offer superb craftmanship and are of the highest quality gold. You will be able to select options such as the Karat, Color and Finish.  Choose from custom artwork or your family's coat of arms.

Family Crest RingsExamples of Custom Artwork :
Company Logos
Fraternal Emblems
Zodiac Signs
College Seals
Coat of Arms
Military Emblems / Badges
Religious Images
Lodge / Clan / Group Emblems

Historically a crested ring or seal was used with wax to seal a message. This practice is  as old as writing itself.  Did you know most governments still attach seals to "Letters Patent". Also in ancient Mesopotamia seals were engraved on cylinders which could be rolled to create an impression on clay.  Archaeologists have found in Ancient Egypt seals in the form of signet-rings of kings.

More information about Signet Rings from Wikipedia:

Signet rings, generally bearing a coat of arms, are made by intaglio engraving, either in metal or gems (generally semiprecious). Agate is a frequent material, especially carnelian or banded agate like sardonyx; the banding make the impression contrast with the ground.

Metal signet rings can also be cast, which is cheaper but yields a weaker material.

The wearing of signet rings (French: une chevalière, from the word chevalier which means knight) is a longstanding tradition among nobles in European and some other cultures. In contemporary usage, the signet ring is typically worn on the pinky of either the right or left hand (depending on the country), although some countries have different customs (French noblemen wear it on the ring finger of their left hand). The ring may either be worn facing up or facing toward the palm, the latter position sometimes indicating that the person is married.

Because it's used to attest the authority of its bearer, the ring has also been seen as a symbol of his power, which is one explanation for its inclusion in the regalia of certain monachies. After the death of a pope, the smashing of his signet ring is a prescribed act clearing the way for the sedesvacancy and subsequent election of a new pope.


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