Calgary Select: Divorce in Alberta

Calgary Select: Divorce in Alberta

Kids Resources

Resources for kids.

Kids Health offers A Kid's Guide to Divorce This article covers many of the top issues that children may face during the process and offers some tips for dealing with their feelings.

From the Ontario Attorney General
Where do I stand: A Child's Guide to Separation and Divorce

Self Help

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer teaches how to stop being a victim in "Pulling Your Own Strings".

Melody Beattie in "Codependent No more" shows how to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself.

Dr. Phil McGraw  (TV's Dr. Phil) provides a complete plan for reconnecting in "Relationship Rescue"

Moving Out

Warning this idea is not suitable for everyone. When you are looking at breaking up, sometimes financial pressures mean there isn't enough money for two households. A little research shows that the term "living separate and apart" does not mean you can't still be under the same roof and that you can't still share certain common expenses and of course you can certainly co-parent. As I said in the first sentence, it is not for everybody as it will require a certain degree of calmness and maturity..

Divorce & Separation

Divorce is not a pleasant subject but when it happens or is about to happen, it is useful to know about the many resources available on the Internet that can help clarify, explain or offer advice.

In Alberta, the Government has provided extensive information about divorce in Alberta on the following website:

Federal Child Support Guidelines

The Canadian Government publishes the Federal Child Support Guidelines on the Department of Justice website. It is

More Must Read Articles

The Canadian Mental Health Association has put together  a guide called Children and Family Break-up


If you are thinking about trying to reconcile you may find this site interesting, it is however one of many and like anything else on the Internet should not be taken as gospel.

Staying in a bad relationship for the children's sake? You should read this University of Alberta article. 

Here is a local Calgary company that offers "Divorce Management". Their site is an interesting read, remember we cannot vouch for any of the resources linked from here.

Understanding Monogomy and also how society plays a pivotal role in affairs plus much more is presented through numerous articles at