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I tend to be relatively handy with home maintenance but at the same time I think I know my limits.  Retailers like Home Depot and Lowes really want us to believe we can do all the renovations ourselves and for many people that might be true. This little article describes my experience with using a  contractor, mostly because I was sure I did not have the necessary skills.

We recently moved and the situation with teenagers in the house is that we needed another full bathroom. The house already had a full bathroom, an ensuite and then a half bath on the main. So the decision was made to add a full bathroom to the basement. One of the bigger hurdles was that there was no rough-in plumbing.

We decided that the best course of action was to use a general contractor that would put all the pieces together for us.  When I look at all the steps that were necessary, it totally confirmed that this was a wise choice.  Below are more or less the steps involved:

Step 1.- plumber figures out which way the drain pipe runs
Step 2. -a laborer jackhammers the floor according to a pattern devised by the plumber & the general contractor
Step 3 -The plumber came back and ran all the necessary drain pipes
Step 4. -carpenter framed in all the walls, so in conjunction with step 3 the water pipes got added
Step 5 -An electrician ran all the necessary wiring including the vent to the outside (done together with the carpenter)
Step 6 -A generalist installs all the fixtures including the shower kit
Step 7 -A tile person comes in and lays all the tiles (this took several days due to drying time)
Step 8 -The plumbers came back and finalized all the connections (including installing the porcelain throne)
Step 9 -The electricians came back and finished all the final electrical hookups
Step 10 -The carpenter added all the finishing touches such as moulding etc
Step 11 - The general contractor inspected all, took away all the garbage etc
Step 12 -We paid the contractor.

Our Bathroom Reno project


So our general contractor of choice was Timber Wolff Designs. Below is their contact information:

Rod Wolff
Timber Wolff Designs Inc.
Tel: 403-519-5221

So  a couple of final notes about this. The bathroom turned out great and we are totally pleased with it. The other point is that I truly believe you get what you pay for. Timber Wolff is not a "cheap" contractor however if you want a great job done then you can be totally confident in dealing with them.