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If you are against the new coalition government, please consider sending an e-mail to:
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Canada’s future economy lies in the hands of those leading our country in these tough economic times and we need a strong government that has the Canadian’s needs at heart and not personal agenda’s or power plays.

Dear Honourable Governor General,
I am writing you with regards to the potential of a Coalition Government in Canada .  As a taxpayer, voter and citizen, I think it is a mockery of our government system that we even consider a potential coalition of minority parties governing our country.  Anything other than calling a new election if a non-confidence vote is passed, sends a message of anarchy to other countries and foreign investors.
When a group whose purpose is to promote separatism, and does not run a candidate in any province other than Quebec, can form part of a coalition government, any rules that previously existed need to be disregarded or thrown out.
Democracy is to ensure that the people's choice is respected and honored.  The people of Canada did not choose any of the three parties forming the coalition as its government, so to have them lead the country would mean the end of democracy in Canada .
If the Conservative Government fails, please stand up for democracy and call for a new election which will allow the people of Canada to decide the outcome of our government.

Another one of the Petitions

Below is a letter that I have emailed to Michaelle Jean, the Govenor General of Canada. I sent ccs to my federal representative, Blake Richards and the leaders of the main parties in Ottawa.
Each letter sent will help to make the powers that be realize that they cannot walk on our Democracy.
Take the time to send a note to:
Michaelle Jean (Govenor General)
Steven Harper (Conservative)
Stepane Dion (Liberal)
Giles Cuceppe
Jack Layton

You can contact your MP at and search them by their name or your postal code.

Subject: A Vote to preserve Democracy in Canada
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 14:53:23 -0700

I am a Canadian citizen who was born in Canada nearly 59 years ago. I am a wife, the mother of six, the grandmother of ten and the friend of thousands of other Canadians who have never been as fearful for the unity of our Country and our Democracy as we are right now. 
Only weeks ago we elected a government by democratic process. A non-confidence vote is being planned in the House of Commons to bring down the elected government and that is the right of the opposition parties to do so. The result, in our democratic country, is that an election be called to put in place a new government elected according to the Democratic process, by the citizens of Canada. If the Members of Parliament who vote to bring down the governing party are not prepared to face an election they should vote accordingly. Very few Canadian citizens welcome another election however that is the place that Mr Dion, Mr Duceppe, Mr Layton and their parties are threatening to put us into. They must either support a general election or abandon their non-confidence vote.
There would be no resemblance to Democracy in the setting up of a coalition government by these three parties. First of all the Canadian citizens have not given them that mandate. More importantly, in the recent election, Canadians voted for these parties as follows: 76% of Canadians voted against the Liberals, 82% of Canadians voted against the NDP and 90% of Canadians voted against the Bloc (100% of Canada outside the province of Quebec voted against the Bloc).  How could a government made up of these three rejected Parties possibly serve Democracy? No one voted in the November election believing that they were also giving their valuable support to some opposing Party.
In the event of a non-confidence vote succeeding, the only way that Democracy can be served is for another election to be called, not after Party leader elections or when Parties vying for the vote would like it to be called but, in consideration of the economic crisis facing out nation,  as soon as possible. We require a government elected by the people in place to meet the immediate needs of our Country. If the Parties who plan to bring down the Conservative government want to join together as one Party in the next election, they are free to do so. There would lay the proof of their respect and dedication for each other and party values.
It is with respect and hope that I ask you to consider my petition as a Canadian citizen when you are making so many difficult decisions in the coming days. Thank you.
God bless you,
Beverley Havens

Balzac AB Canada