Jets above Calgary

Calgary Select: Jets above Calgary

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This image was taken Sept 1, 2007  10:59 AM, above Mckenzie Lake. Note the vapour trail behind the jet. Conditions were overcast.

Photo information:
Camera - Canon EOS Rebel Xti
Shutter Speed 1/500 sec
Lens Aperture F/11
Focal Length 300 MM
ISO - 200
The camera was set to Automatic focus




Federal Express cargo jetJust for a little contrast, here is a picture of a Fed Ex cargo jet taken later in the day when conditions had cleared. Also the Fed Ex jet was a bit closer (and larger).





two tornados above sundance

Here is a pair  of the Jets but they were pretty far away, I figure they were above Sundance when the photo was taken. The overcast conditions didn't help.

Photo taken Sept 4, 2007 4:27 PM





Tornado heading out to mission



This image captured on Sept 5, 2007  10:25 AM above Mckenzie Lake is the first one I have where they are heading out on a mission instead of landing. There were two of them but I only managed to get a photo of the last one. They really move fast.