Calgary Select: Encana's new building the Bow - Concrete Pour

Photos from Canada's largest concrete pour - The Bow - Encana

Now in the picture below can you count how many are actually working and how many are just standing around.


The next image shows the concrete pumper extension that delivers all that grey goo.
Grey Goo pump extension

Here are some concret trucks waiting to "drop their load"
concrete trucks waiting to deliver their load

This next picture shows the concrete being offloaded and put into a hopper that feeds the concrete pump.
feeding the concrete to the pump

 Ok, on three everybody turn their back to the guy with the camera. (How did they know I was there?)

Hide from the camera guy

Here are some of the portions of the base that was poured earlier in the weekend.
Other portions of the base already starting to dry

 Here is a close- up of the concrete being poured.

 close up of pour

Overall picture of the "Big Hole"

overview of the big hole

 Smooth as peanut butter.

Smoothing the concrete