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Winter 2008

Police car slid off road - Calgary highway 22X 

You know the roads are slippery when even a police cruiser can't stay on the road. This picture taken with my cell phone on December 22, 2008 at the intersection of Marquis de Lorne Trail & Cranston Blvd. just before 9ish.



Olympic Plaza in Calgary before the Grey Cup victory party 

Olympic Plaza before the Grey Cup victory party, later on there were a whole lot more people.

Fall 2008

Pumpkins galore a sure sign of Autumn 

Got Pumpkin?

Even though it appeared on our Calgary Select site, the photo was actually taken in Newport Village which is in Port Moody, B.C.  Hey I needed a good pumpkin picture and the opportunity was there.

Spring 2008

Canada's largest Concrete pour -The Bow by Encana - May 2008 - Calgary Picture

Mother's Day Weekend May 2008 (picture in Calgary)

The construction on Encana's "The Bow" building surpassed a milestone this weekend as Canada's largest concrete pour. Some articles I read suggested it was the third largest pour worldwide, that fact would need checking. Regardless, see our photo gallery of the pour site here.

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