Calgary Stampede Bulls
Yahoo it is Stampede so it must be July in Calgary.  Photo Courtesy David Leonhardt

My Yamaha 50 BWS compared to my Ford F150

Gas Prices got you down?

In the photo above is my 2001 Ford F150, when new it got about 15 miles to the gallon (US). In contrast is my new 2009 Yamaha BWS 50 which gets an astonishing 147 miles to the gallon (approximate).

Naturally it isn't always that straightforward as there are pros & cons to a scooter. It is a limited displacement engine (50 cc) which makes it eligible for Alberta's moped laws. You can drive this with a class 5 or class 7 license but it is highly recommended to get a class 6. Maximum speed is about 60kmh. 

On the con side, I don't always feel safe driving this on busy streets. Some cities are more bike friendly than others.  Calgary still feels like a zoom zoom kind of place, so lots of fast cars and big pickups.

For me the bottom line is that I can use the scooter in my local area and save a bundle on fuel.



Police Presence in Calgary March 2011
I happened to be downtown in March 2011 and this is a photo of just some of the police presence as a result of certain groups exercising their right to peaceful protest / assembly. Not mentioning the groups as it is preferable to not add publicity to these causes.