Calgary Select: Photos from around Calgary

Archive of Front Page photos 2009

Waiting for Flu Vaccination at Avenida in Calgary

Here is a partial shot of the line waiting for H1N1 vaccination at Avenida in Calgary on October 26, 2009.  At the time of this photo (about 1 PM) the wait was about 4 to 5 hours.  In Okotoks, the wait was only 2 hours (they had 16 nurses on duty).  So although we don't advocate it, perhaps a short drive would be worthwhile.

Update: flu clinics suspended - urgency is now being downplayed

South Centre's new entrance 

It seems South Centre has gotten a big facelift. The food court has moved to the North end and now features a large panoramic wall.


The CrossIron Mills Mega mall is slated to open this week in Balzac Alberta. Some people are looking to see how well this mall does as a barometer of our economic health. Time will tell.


snowbirds in Airdrie - hey where did that squirrel come from ? Crasher Squirrel 

On July 22, 2009 we attended the Airdrie Air Show (I believe this will be an annual thing). Canada's Snowbirds performed a very long set of acrobatic maneuvers and other displays of precision flying. If you missed the show we  have a photogallery available . To sum up, the Snowbirds are spectacular!


Calgary has a new recycling method complete with bins & trucks 

So the new recycling program kicks off in May 2009. Blue bins in the alleyways and a cool new lift mechanism to empty the bins. After pickup, the materials are sorted at a sorting facility.

Shark Feeding at Big Al's Aquarium Supercentres 

Here is something different for your Tuesday night. Big Al's Aquarium Supercentres on 32nd in the NE features Shark Feeding every Tuesday at 7 PM. In the picture above is a young black tipped reef shark. They do grow to about 7 ft long. The cost of owning one of these "pets" is way up there but imagine what  a conversation starter they would be. Yes you need a 5000 gallon salt water tank.


 The Mitchell on exhibit at Gasoline Alley in Heritage Park

Heritage Park opened "Gasoline Alley" the beginning of April. A fabulous exhibit of motor cars from Alberta 's past. See our photo tour in the landmarks section.