On a Friday night have some friends over for some video games, and for that you will need a Wii

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Friday Night Video Games - Wii

Recently I was invited over to visit some friends on a Friday night. Back in the old days, that kind of socialization might have included playing cards or perhaps a board game. Later on in the 80 's or 90's it may have included a video on vhs and then lately on DVD, but this particular Friday changed all that. I was introduced to a fun machine called the Wii.

Sure my kids have been burning up the wires with their computers & their Xbox but for my generation (over 40) that hasn't quite had the same appeal. Here is a game machine that is easy to use! Actually lets you control the action through your movements and here is the big one, it is good for multiple players. The Nintendo Wii Sports edition includes bowling, baseball, tennis, golf and boxing. On this occasion we mostly tried the bowling. What a fun way to pass some time with friends.

Sure enough I rushed out and got my own game console so I could practice up and of course invite friends over on a friday night for a little electronic bowling.  The pictures below are from the system I purchased (once I was able to find one, they are currently very popular and so finding a retailer with stock is difficult). I am sure to post information about more games and add-ons to go with my Wii in the near future.

 Photo of my new Nintendo Wii carton  The picture to the left is the carton my new Nintendo Wii came in.
 To the right are the contents of what you get when you buy a  Nintendo Wii.  contents of the Wii game console
If you are having a hard time finding the popular Nintendo Wii game console, here are some suggestions on some of the retailers that carry this.  
Future Shop
Best Buy
EB Games
Rogers Video