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Once upon a time you could get this information on line for free. Currently you can pay to find out at

We have found one source of the Canadian Black Book values on the GMAC Financing web site. Click here to access it

Figuring out the value of a used car in Canada seems to be a tough thing, another option for estimating value is to find similar vehicles up for sale on some of the on-line sites. Here are some links to on line used car listings:

Calgary Used Cars


My father used to say buying a used car was like buying someone elses troubles. That seemed very true back in the early days ( 60's, 70's, 80's) but certainly less true now. The high price of new automobiles can make a good quality used car very appealing and after all you don't get that instant depreciation when you drive off the lot. If memory serves me correctly that figure used to be about 30%. Wow on a $35000 vehicle that is a whopping $10,500.