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Full Page:

At the moment  we are currently accepting full page Business Profiles / Reviews at the astounding rate of only $10 per month (minimum committment 6 months, $25 one time setup charge).

The full page includes up to 2000 words and 3 images (not counting your logo). In addition you will have the ability to self edit the text (images need to be loaded by us).

Here are the primary benefits to advertising with us.

 - Calgary Select receives thousands of local Calgary visitors per day.

 - A link from Calgary Select will often enhance your own position in the search engines.

 - Our self edit is an easy way to keep your ad copy fresh alive and selling for you 24 hours per day

 - Calgary Select has established itself as a trusted local brand. It is the best value in Calgary!

Focused smaller ads:

Smaller ads (216 pixels X 72 pixels, about 3 inches by  1 inch high depending on monitor resolution) are only $25 per month per targetted page. Our design department can help you create the images for a modest hourly rate.  The advantage of this format is that it can be placed on existing high traffic pages that will convert well for your type of business.

Please note ads are subject to editorial review.


Tel: 403-457-6382
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