The Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo



Photo taken January 7, 2006


These are the fish that swim around in the Hippo tank. They help keep it clean.



Zoolights 2005

Did you miss the 2005 Zoo Lights display at the Calgary Zoo. Browse our photos of this awesome event.

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The Calgary Zoo

Calgary is really fortunate to have what is considered one of the top ranking zoos in the world. The Calgary Zoo also has a really nice website where you can read Zoo news, buy tickets, find out about special Zoo events or make a donation.

splashandsparky.jpgHave you been to the Zoo lately ?

If you haven't check out Splash (the baby hippo visiting from Granby) and his grandparents Sparky & Foggy!

Don't forget to say Hi! to the Giraffes. There is something special going on with one of them.


So we don't want to duplicate what the Zoo already does but since we visit it quite often we would like  to present some our favourite photos for you.

Special note to school kids, if you want to use our  animal pictures for homework, it is ok!


The plural is Hippopotami or Hippopotamuses.











Splash the baby Hippo and his grandmother Sparky, January 7, 2006