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The Red Mile

izzy.jpgUpdate Spring 2015 - Red mile is back in action as the Flames are in the first round of the playoffs.
Update April 2015 - go  Flames go. Game 6 was the thriller!  Next up the ducks - quackyity quack

The Red Mile may be Calgary's most unsought landmark but it exists regardless. Currently it is considered to be 17th Ave SW. It gained it's most renown during The Calgary Flames  2004 season. Many fans after attending a game wearing the Flames colors (red) would descend on the area and have a massive street party.

As part of the partying, some females got into public exposing of their breasts. Naturally this was picked up by media around the world. At the same time a number of websites cropped up related to the red mile and featuring pictures from the partying . We don't recommend searching for these kinds of sites as many of them are suspect.

17th Avenue which is on the southern boundary  of the beltline district (beltline as in close to downtown but not quite in downtown, separated by the railtracks) is a trendy area with restaurants, pubs, boutiques, etc.

Will the party happen again on the Red Mile? A lot of it depends on what the Flames do in their current hockey season and of course the weather!.

See Google Video Footage ( apparently this video is gone)

Google Satellite Photo

Update April 11, 2006

The Calgary Herald reported today that the city is planning to crackdown on any wild celebrations this year as it appears the Flames will take another run at the cup.  Specifically they plan to cool things by imposing traffic restrictions near 17 ave and they will target anyone who jaywalks, has open liquor or is brave/ foolish enough to expose themselves in public. Deputy Chief Dale Burn of the Calgary Police Service has adopted the nickname of  "The Grinch who stole the Red Mile" ( as reported by the Herald).

Approximate fines for offences:
Open liquor $230
Jaywalking $57
Public Nudity $2000 ( & or 6 mo in Jail)

Winning the Stanley Cup $priceless


Do you have a 2006 Red Mile photo of yourself? Send it in to us. We might publish it here. Please note we may choose to make pictures non-identifiable (Blurred face, pixelations where necessary).


Update May 18 2006

Edmonton does not want to be outdone by Calgary, with the Oilers proceeding to the next round against the Mighty Ducks, there is now a similar feature in Edmonton to the Calgary Red Mile. It is Edmonton's own Blue Mile. The Blue Mile is located on Whyte Avenue.

Perhaps temporarily our Red Mile could be blue especially if the Oilers give the Ducks some payback for Calgary's early season end! Below is some video of the celebration as Edmonton won the series against Anaheim